intdest galaxy


The establishment of INTDEST GALAXY by the monarchs of our lost world has given rise to a new civilization project.

This undertaking demands meticulous organization.

The original founders of this world, together with the team that constructed this project, form the Federation’s management.

Within the union, a president will be appointed. As time progresses, each planet will establish its own government.

The leaders of each planet will collectively form the Federation Union. Decisions made by the federation will be conveyed to the citizens through their respective presidents.

The Federation oversees all activities in the GALAXY, and all its citizens must adhere to the Federation’s laws. Any assets or investments belonging to lawbreakers will be frozen.


Management encompasses all operations, from the inception to the ongoing processes carried out by planetary presidents and companies in the GALAXY.

The FEDERATION ARMY remains vigilant against illegal military actions and disturbances. Federation citizens are prohibited from participating in these unauthorized operations. Moreover, any external threats from menacing elements in the galaxy will be addressed, especially when citizens’ defenses are inadequate.


Should citizens or companies feel wronged, they can file complaints, prompting the Justice Union to take action. The officials who maintain justice are appointed by the Federation and operate under its laws.


Participation here requires special entry cards. Once individuals obtain these cards, reflecting their financial aptitude, they can access exclusive financial opportunities. The INTDEST planet even offers exciting prospects like Forex Crypto trading. Every system introduces citizens to supportive tools on INTDEST Portals. Additionally, all GALAXY investments are conducted via NFT cards.


The MEDIA UNION oversees all media-related activities in the Galaxy. This includes announcements, campaigns, ads, new product launches, social media management, and facilitating long-distance communication among citizens.


This market offers a comprehensive range of products to fulfill every citizen’s needs. From tools and media devices to a clearing house and pawnshop, a variety of items are available for trade.


NFT Cards can be purchased on OPENSEA. All transfers require these cards.


Every citizen belongs to their native planet. Interplanetary travel is facilitated by Federation-approved vehicles. The Federation Union dictates transit card policies, which determine a traveler’s stay duration on the visited planet, thus enabling exploratory opportunities.


  • ARBU INDUSTRY: Manufacture of vehicles and weapons.
  • EMA HEALTH: Health treatments and products for Federation citizens.
  • HILA SCIENCE: Hosts renowned game development companies like Sony, Tencent, and others.
  • IKA TECHNOLOGY: Houses giants like YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, and more.
  • TEM CONSTRUCTION: Hub for construction materials and architectural endeavors.
  • HAI MINE: Mining operations from companies like Genesis Mining, Compass Mining, and others.
  • LI SAFETY SERVICE: Provides job opportunities and trains personnel.
  • JEN FUN: Showcases famous clubs like Cavalli Club, Bergmans, Pacha, and more.

The FEDERATION MARKET on the INTDEST PLANET serves as a trading center for the goods and services of the federation’s citizens and companies.

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