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April 1, 2022



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year 2094

Technology has made great strides in humanity in every field. In health, immune systems were developed against every virus.

Every child to be born could have a child by choosing many features such as skin color, eye color, hair color, body structure and height at the request of their parents before they were born. While the life expectancy of people in the world was between the ages of 60 and 75, it was increased to the age group of 100 to 120 years. In addition to real life, people started to prioritize virtual life and began to meet all their needs with their virtual lives.

real life

In real life, huge warehouses and autonomous robots were everywhere.

The vehicles started to travel with boron fuel propellants that are not harmful to the wind, magnetic, nature, and flying vehicles with 3 different fuels, and in more decentralized places, by flying with scuba suits of propellant technology.

These were only minor developments.

The world was now gathering on two sides.

It was TYCOONs and MONARCHs.

World war

However, these parties were so secret that it could go as a revelation.

For the most part, everything was fine until the TYCOONs slowly stepped into irreversible destruction whose activities would cause great harm.  

Their ambition to have all the resources and technologies was leading to a great world war. 

When different countries could not buy their technologies with money, they started to threaten the countries they controlled by ringing the bells of nuclear war. 

On the verge of extinction
The 11-year war

The MONARCHs did not want war.

They said that they could solve this situation with cooperation. With the selfish attitude of TYCOONs, the first nuclear disaster was committed on one of the oceanic islands.  Nuclear fallout has taken the first steps in disrupting the ecological balance of the world by affecting the entire atmosphere and aquatic life. The MONARCHs counterattacked and acted with satellite and unmanned aerial technologies.  The biggest and first technology war in world history had begun.  The war lasted 11 years. The war was over in 2111 when their TYCOONs demanded peace.

the beginning

The human population had drastically declined and living standards were on the verge of extinction.

Scientific studies began to be prioritized for the survival of humanity.

Now the world and humanity have started to work to start again.

However, despite all this, TYCOONs never thought of stopping.

MONARCHs also continued their unfinished work in terms of space technologies.

However, the world had suffered a lot from the great wars.

The MONARCHs had diversified their work on ecological DNA.

Maybe impossible
Earth year 2130

Because of the insatiable work of TYCOONs, all humanity was again on the brink of extinction.

According to the information, the latest studies were that they thought that the black hole was playing the role of a door with another dimension and they made big investments on it.

There were MONARCHs who also worked for humanity, disapproving, and opposing the work of TYCOONs.

The MONARCHs, however, thought there might be destruction.

They started to invest in space technologies so that humanity would not enter the process of extinction.

TYCOONs had attempted to collect meteorites in the vacuum of space with magnetic energy.

Aim; They want to test it in an area within 0.0000771 light-years of the black hole's gravitational field.

When the trial period started, they wanted to complete the formation process with a diameter of 173,000 Suns in 2.5 months according to the world calendar and to see clearly the transition state by exceeding the 240 billion kilometers diameter of the black hole.

The MONARCHs argued that this could be a destruction in the Galaxy cycle, and they began to work in this area that could reverse the black hole's gravitational pull.

TYCOONs started the project by ignoring the voices of the people.

Has been made
Possible destruction

The point reached after 2,5 months was that with the accumulation of meteors with a diameter of 173,000 Suns, it gathered more than necessary magnetic energy and started to absorb the entire Galaxy.

The project, which was in the pull of the black hole, was now heading towards destruction in a position that would threaten the entire Galaxy.

In the process, the MONARCHs had found the technology to reverse the black hole's gravity.

That decision has been made.

In a possible destruction, technologies are now starting a salvation project that includes not only the world but also other colony planets to choose among them.

In fact, they developed this project in such a way that they thought that the world could be caught in the flow due to its core, so they advanced to the point where they could make an exact copy of today's world.

Seasons got mixed up, drought started to increase, living things started to die, oxygen started to decrease, while gravity started to disappear, the food chain went towards extinction.

leaving people

MONARCHs started the project. Technologies have been started to be integrated into 10 selected planets. The TYCOONs insisted that the mistake made was not a mistake, it was a balance disorder that could pass, and the people of the world should beware. The MONARCHs had announced to all the peoples that the end was approaching and that all healthy people who wanted to come with them would be able to register after being examined at the project notification facilities, and that they could establish a new world order with a new beginning in extinction.

There is no more sun. Everywhere is dark, And the abandoned colony ships in the project carried out by the MONARCHs had left the world, leaving millions of people behind.

The entire Galaxy is gone! The remaining planets and peoples united in the INTDEST GALAXY FEDERATION, initiating the birth of a new civilization.

New Generation












The ARBU planet is suitable to produce assembly parts of in-game vehicles, the production of building materials, the production of vehicles and weapons. Working at ARBU is one of the planets where you can get the best coin return in the Federation. Establishing a production factory will be in full compliance with the terms of the federation union laws. Factory setup stages; The land pricing set by the Federation for ARBU and its payment or lease. If renting is done, remember that the plots will be auctioned with the last rental figure every week. Our Federation citizen, who bids high, will be the new tenant of the land. For the former tenant, the investments made on the land will be given back to the citizen as he will consider making production again. Or, the citizens will be able to find their customers and sell the products or tools in ID STORE and get their coins back to their wallet. All employees in the factory must be Federation citizens. It must pay the salaries determined by the Federation to the employees, according to the line of business in which the salary will be produced. Staff will be sourced from planet LI. The Federation considers it necessary to employ security guards in factories according to the strategic importance of the vehicles produced. Security Staff will be sourced from planet LI. All health services of the employees will be the responsibility of the facility where they work.


The planet EMA is suitable for recovery of damage/damage from activities within the Federation or during work.

Because every citizen has a life force.

Each life force is affected according to the damage taken.

The citizen must be treated in order to repair the damage taken.

The citizen determines the time to be treated.

In his scientific work on the planet HILA is also the planet of application EMA.

Employees on planet Ema are designated by the Federation.

Also, the EMA will be without atmosphere.


The planet HILA is a planet where the INTDEST GALAXY FEDERATION UNION has a special interest in science, which is the most important branch of the MONARCHs in the past and the establishment of the federation.

General development work is carried out here for the entire FEDERATION.

Citizens can contact and make requests with developer companies for the development of general progress and all actions within the Federation.

All developer and request notifications will be made with the final approvals of the INTDEST GALAXY FEDERATION ASSOCIATION.

Thanks to the cards given by the Federation to the Developer companies selected by the Federation, the employees of the companies here will be able to work.

Employee rights will be given by the companies they work as COIN. Also, HILA will have a full atmosphere.


The planet IKA is within the Federation; It is the planet where Producer and Developer companies work together, where applications, tools are managed and all work is done before being integrated into the Federation.

Since IKA is the planet where the largest auxiliary content is produced or developed in all areas where the citizens of the Federation will spend, it will be completely transparent except for the atmosphere producer or developer companies to buy atmosphere.


The planet TEM is the planet where the structures in the Federation are designed and produced.

As the Federation, it thinks that it will be beneficial for the citizens of this planet to be architects and designers.

It will be completely atmospheric.


The HAI planet is one of the most important planets where its own nation and all Federation citizens can generate income in the Federation and in Real Life by mining COIN.

It is one of the planets that has the most valuable areas in terms of buying or renting among the planets connected to the Federation.

Here you can find MINER companies and integrate your MINERs into HAI.

In addition, companies with MINER factories in real life can integrate all their systems into the HAI planet, if they agree with the FEDERATION.

Planet HAI will be completely atmosphere less.

The strongest miners will have direct access to the INTDEST PLANET.

The criterion for this is in the hands of the Federation.


Planet LI is one of the planets where unemployed Federation citizens who want to work can provide a source of income.

Here, security guards are trained so that the activities on the planets are safe and the rules of the activity can be easily applied.

After each security guard meets the requirements, they can purchase security cards.

It is not possible to become a security guard with cards purchased in advance.

It must be approved by the Federation.

In the service part, citizens help in their homes, and citizens who provide service in their hotels, companies or factories are trained here.

After the necessary conditions are approved by the Federation, they can buy a card or be purchased by the service requester and work in these lines of business. 

It is a completely atmospheric space.


Planet JEN is a planet where all citizens of the INTDEST GALAXY FEDERATION can go. However, clubs or organizations will have their own rules approved by the Federation.

Therefore, every citizen can go to the planet, but those who meet the rules can enjoy services or entertainment.

The clubs or organizations here will be known as real brand organizers and business.

The areas are for sale, not for rent.

A completely atmosphere less planet.


It is the center of the BIRTH OF A NEW CIVILIZATION project.

It is the planet where the INTDEST GALAXY FEDERATION and galaxy management authorities are located.

Purchases will begin with card sales to this planet at the time determined by the Federation through opensea.

The Federation communicates this time to its citizen candidates or citizens as follows.

All our candidates or citizens will be asked to get the cards when the time comes when they will be sold on opensea. First, after full harmony and order has been achieved in 8 planets, citizens who have been listed by the planet presidents and approved by the Federation side.

Any unapproved citizen will never be approved to enter the planet, even if they have purchased the card.

However, those who enter the planet will be able to bring citizens from the planet they want with additional citizen cards for a period.

These citizens may be their assistants or employees. The planet INTDEST welcomes fully harmonized citizens.

When the planet restores its order, the doors of the NEW WORLD will now be slowly opened.

It was designed to be an exact replica of our Earth that was destroyed by the MONARCHs for the formation of a new civilization. All the experiences of the citizens of the Federation will now be poured out here as the last point. Those who go first will be the country owners. Country owners will compete in the auction process of the country NFT Cards to be held, and this competition will be broadcast live on the entire Galaxy. The winners are the rulers of their own country as they wish. In this process, the Federation will always continue to make inspections for order. All country owners will form their own nation by accepting up to 1,000,000 Federation citizens. Over 1,000,000 citizens will be able to enter with an acceptance card of 500,000, which will be held by the owner of the country, or the citizens of the Federation will be able to enter by purchasing a country acceptance card, following the rules of the country owner. Travel from the New Earth to all planets will be free. There will be no atmosphere until full occupancy.

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