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May 14, 2022

Working at ARBU is one of the planets where you can get the best coin return in the Federation.
Establishing a production factory will be in full compliance with the terms of the federation union laws.
Factory setup stages; The land pricing set by the Federation for ARBU and its payment or lease.
If renting is done, remember that the plots will be auctioned with the last rental figure every week.
Our Federation citizen, who bids high, will be the new tenant of the land.
For the former tenant, the investments made on the land will be given back to the citizen as he will consider making production again.
Or, the citizens will be able to find their customers and sell the products or tools in ID STORE and get their coins back to their wallet.
All employees in the factory must be Federation citizens.
It must pay the salaries determined by the Federation to the employees, according to the line of business in which the salary will be produced.
Staff will be sourced from planet LI.
The Federation considers it necessary to employ security guards in factories according to the strategic importance of the vehicles produced.
Security Staff will be sourced from planet LI.
All health services of the employees will be the responsibility of the facility where they work.

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