It is the center of the BIRTH OF A NEW CIVILIZATION project. It is the planet where the INTDEST GALAXY FEDERATION and galaxy management authorities are located.

Purchases will begin with card sales to this planet at the time determined by the Federation through opensea.

The Federation communicates this time to its citizen candidates or citizens as follows.

All our candidates or citizens will be asked to get the cards when the time comes when they will be sold on opensea. First, after full harmony and order has been achieved in 8 planets, citizens who have been listed by the planet presidents and approved by the Federation side.

Any unapproved citizen will never be approved to enter the planet, even if they have purchased the card.

However, those who enter the planet will be able to bring citizens from the planet they want with additional citizen cards for a period.

These citizens may be their assistants or employees. The planet INTDEST welcomes fully harmonized citizens.

When the planet restores its order, the doors of the NEW WORLD will now be slowly opened.


It was designed to be an exact replica of our Earth that was destroyed by the MONARCHs for the formation of a new civilization.

All the experiences of the citizens of the Federation will now be poured out here as the last point.

Those who go first will be the country owners.

Country owners will compete in the auction process of the country NFT Cards to be held, and this competition will be broadcast live on the entire Galaxy.

The winners are the rulers of their own country as they wish.

In this process, the Federation will always continue to make inspections for order.

All country owners will form their own nation by accepting up to 1,000,000 Federation citizens.

Over 1,000,000 citizens will be able to enter with an acceptance card of 500,000, which will be held by the owner of the country, or the citizens of the Federation will be able to enter by purchasing a country acceptance card, following the rules of the country owner.

Travel from the New Earth to all planets will be free.

There will be no atmosphere until full occupancy.

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